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Lead Generation

Lead Generation

Why It's important

How would you feel if for no additional effort on your end, you could get more prospective customers contacting you each month? The catch, you will become busier from serving more happy, paying customers. More revenue. Oh, darn.

At Gold Wing Marketing, we use our skills and knowledge of a variety of digital marketing techniques to exponentially broaden your exposure to interested leads in your demographic, making your phone ring and bringing you more business. 

Features & Benefits

Features and benefits of Lead Generation from Gold Wing Marketing include:

  • You get exclusive access to every single lead that comes through our efforts for your niche and territory, unlike many referral and lead services such as Thumbtack, Home Advisor, Stars of Service etc., where they send the lead’s information to all related professionals in their area and the best man or woman wins. We skip that step and send them straight to your phone or email inbox, where you have the opportunity to close the deal and convert the lead into a paying customer.

  • You keep the same business routine as you already have with no added tasks, the leads just conveniently come to you, saving you time and labour.

  • The price is based on results rather than all the services used to achieve the results. This means that we only win when you win, guaranteeing a high return on investment for you

Who It Benefits

With lead generation, we specialize in location-based services. This means any service that serves customers that are geographically local to them, are who we love to help. Examples of services that fit this criterion are:

  • Therapist

  • Piano Tuner

  • Carpet Cleaner

  • Mobile Mechanic

  • Guitar Teacher

  • Reiki Therapy

  • Financial Advisor

  • Car Detailing

  • Instrument Repair

  • Eyelash Technician

  • Dog Trainer

  • Nutritionist

  • Cosmetic Surgeon

  • Aesthetician

  • Accountant

  • Debt Consultant

  • Interior Designer

  • Closet Organizer

  • Fence Installation

  • And many more…

If you don’t think you fit this criterion, we still may be able to provide you this service. If you are interested in learning more, let’s chat!



A piano tuner just moved to Ottawa from Vancouver and so needs to replace his clientele now that he can’t service his Vancouver clientele. He has bills piling up and only a few clients.


He hires us for lead generation to bring him leads so he can build his client base faster than traditional methods of finding new business. Before long, he has a solid, dependable, income from his piano tuning business.

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