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Phone Number Rental

Phone Number Rental

Why It's important

For a low monthly fee, you are given a phone number with your desired area code. When customers or prospects call this number, it forwards their call to your phone. Many users like to add it to their contacts so they know at a glance if they are receiving a personal or business call when they use one phone for both. The second reason why clients use this, is that it gives the ability to track their marketing efforts. If they have phone number A on billboard ads and phone number B on their website, for example, they can asses how many calls are coming from which number/campaign, and if one method provides higher quality leads.

Features & Benefits

Features and benefits of renting a phone number from Gold Wing Marketing include:

  • You can keep your personal phone number private without having to buy and carry around a second phone for business which means you save money, and you keep the convenience of only using 1 phone.

  • When using more than one number on various marketing methods, you set yourself up to create accurate, specific result data for analysis.

Who It Benefits

This service benefits two different types of client:

  1. Business owner who works from one phone.

  2. Business manager or marketing director who is looking to gauge marketing activities.

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