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Website Design

Website Design

Why It's important

A website is the first impression a business gives a potential customer. Even from the first glance, the website should reflect the business’


  • Service/product offerings

  • Values

  • Culture

  • Philosophy

  • Personality

  • Goals

  • Competitive advantage

  • And overall, be consistent with your brand.


All of these pieces also vary from industry to industry, and even between businesses within the same ones. A website is the home base that should be where potential customers can evaluate whether you are a good candidate to work with and whether or not they will take the next step and make contact. A website should be persuasive, informative, clean, organized, visually appealing, and easy to navigate all at the same time. When you choose us to build your website, we incorporate all of these attributes while guiding them towards your chosen goal. The goal could be a variety of things. Some examples might be:


  • Enticing the audience to buy your vegan recipe book

  • Showcasing your creative portfolio to attract a collector to hire you for a custom art piece

  • Encouraging the prospect to call you for a personalized quote of your services

  • Keeping your fan base updated on new music, new merch, and upcoming performances so they can purchase limited edition vinyl copies of your music, autographed t-Shirts or tickets to your next concert

  • Convincing a prospect to book a complimentary initial consultation to meet you and better evaluate your proficiency while negotiating a mutually-beneficial business arrangement


Features & Benefits


Features and benefits of getting your website built by Gold Wing Marketing


  • Having a web presence gives you more visibility to potential customers, especially in a time when most service and product discovery is done online and through personal referrals. When a referral is made, they often search the business online to validate and supplement what they have heard before making the call.

  • Having a website makes you look more legit and professional which can significantly affect your reputation.

  • Beautiful design captures and retains the audience’s attention longer, increasing the likelihood of them taking the next step and spending their money with you.

  • Clean, sleek, and organized layout makes information easy to read and navigate without overwhelming the reader.

  • The design is based around your goal, taking the audience down a path that motivates them to buy/take the next step.

  • Continued service is readily available after the sale to provide maintenance and updates to the site as you want to update the content, add new content, or provide overhauls to freshen everything up and more.


Who It Benefits


A website is valuable to any type of business, industry professional or artist.

Here are some examples of people in those categories and how they benefit:



A tennis coach wants to simplify class bookings without hiring a receptionist so he can spend more time focusing on more important things.


He hires us to build a website that allows customers to pay and book online and so all he has to do is figure out how he can fit more classes in his schedule to accommodate the increasing demand.

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