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Welcome to Gold Wing Marketing. Now that you've found us, let me tell you a bit about us. Based out of Ottawa, ON in the maple covered country of Canada, we prioritize our customers satisfaction above all. Customer service for us, isn't just about meeting your expectations, it's about exceeding them. We want to raise the bar for you. 

What is it exactly that we do?

We help you and your business grow through our digital marketing services. We work together with you to discover your needs, goals and budget which we use to create a plan to achieve them. Some of the ways we do that are:


Promotional Products

The star of the show, we work with our clients to create catchy customized products to retain the attention of your customers and prospects alike as they bring a piece of your brand home with them for a lasting impression.

Website Design

This is where we create a responsive and mobile-friendly website that is wonderfully dynamic and unique as you are in order to guide the audience down a specific path that leads to [insert your goal here]

Website Maintenance & Updates

Once you have that website that you absolutely love, we offer on-going support. Whether it's updating the information for your clients, adjusting the site to fit a new goal, or tweaking the aesthetics to stay current, we can help.

Lead Generation

What would you do with more money? More time? More freedom? Here is the ultimate solution for your business. We combine Digital Marketing techniques to target prospective buyers and bring exclusive leads straight to your phone line.

Rent a Phone Number

Renting a phone number from us can beneficial in quite a few ways. It gives you the power to better analyze traffic, quantify the effectiveness of multiple marketing campaigns, protect the privacy of a businessperson who uses their personal phone, eliminates the need for carrying around a second physical phone for business and many more benefits.

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